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Does your company offer products or services for the Brazilian, Portuguese or Portuguese-speaking market?

Don’t forget that it is a combination of culture and language that are key to the success of multinational companies. Both have a profound influence on how people think, act, consume, and do business.

WordsByHumans assists companies that are active in international markets to engage in the local language, and offers products and services that are tailored to the cultural context and local values.

Translation with the European quality standard

WordsByHumans adheres to the European quality standard EN-15038:2006.

This requires translators to have a minimum of 5 years experience, and includes linguistic checks and reviewing for each project, to be carried out by the translator and by a professional reviewer specializing in the project knowledge area.

This means high quality translations: work is undertaken by experienced translators, and the final text will be checked twice, firstly a linguistic check by the translator, and then a full review by a specialized reviewer.

Leading edge technology used by the best translators

Our translators and managers use the latest software to achieve the best translational quality and swift delivery.

Our technology optimizes work flow, reduces margins for error and improves translation quality via reliable information, security processes and increased productivity.

Words by Humans

A translation agency that gives you the world at your fingertips.

We offer the following language services in English, Portuguese and German

Rather than producing a literal translation, our team of translators adapt the source document language to keep its original nuances in the target text.

This means the source message is contextualized and takes into account linguistic and cultural aspects, as well as local values.

Creating glossaries and translation memories is an integral part of translation and it involves cataloguing specific terms in the translation to be able to bring it together as a whole.

All translations by WordsByHumans meet the European quality standard EN-15038: 2006, which includes secondary revision of every translation by reviewers with expertise in the documents’ field of specialization.

Reviewing encompasses both editing and proofreading.

Editing: this process is undertaken by a third specialist. The source and target texts are compared and checked for spelling, and for any grammatical, terminological and punctuation irregularities. In addition, formatting, interpretation and formulation mistakes are corrected and analyzed , and any textual inconsistencies, localization and cultural adaptations are addressed.

Proofreading: this work is performed by a third specialist independent of the translator and reviewer. They will check the final text for any remaining errors, andlook at the text’s formulation, style and fluency. This phase can,after prior discussion with clients, also encompass localization aimed at the particular target audience.

Your translation deserves more than the minimum

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Quality assessment of translations by a third party, with the aim of giving a final polish to the final text

assurance (QA)

Specialized software helps to eliminate inconsistencies and pick up on formatting and terminology issues

Translation memory (TM)

To ensure the quality of final texts and avoid error repetition, it is vital to maintain translation memory databases in large and long-term projects

style guides

Defining company writing standards. This covers textual form, verb tenses and appropriate sentence structures, among other elements

Creating glossaries
and translation memories

These make it possible to homogenize specific terms, phrases and expressions in future translations, thereby increasing translation quality and speed


Provides consecutive translation services for events and meetings

range of bespoke services for other specialist areas and language pairs

We also offer a range of bespoke services for other
specialist areas and language pairs

Our network of freelance translators means
we are able to meet a wide range of client needs

Our specializations





Medical tools

Medical tools





Renewable energy




Information technology (IT)

technology (IT)

How does WordsByHumans does?

Our methodology


Your translation request

You send your request with the original text and further information, including the source and target languages and the target audience


Selecting the translator

WordsByHumans will evaluate the project and select the team best equipped in the required field of knowledge, the target audience and target culture



WordsByHumans will then provide a bespoke quote for your translation project


Start of the translator’s work

Once the quote is approved, the dedicated translator for the project will start the translation, and will be monitored by our project manager


Linguistic check by the translator

The translator performs the revision of the translation itself, observing aspects of grammar, spelling and syntax


Technical review

Then a separate specialist in the area of knowledge will compare and check the source and target text for spelling and grammar inconsistencies and any other issues.


Translation delivery process

The translation will be delivered on a digital file in the specified format. You will have up to 14 days to assess the translation and send us any questions or considerations



The WordsByHumans staff receive your feedback, and this will be evaluated in relation to the overall quality of the service

1,6 M


Experience and guarantee for your translation



In the translation market since 2005



Guarantee of up to 7 days for services provided



Based in Austria and in accordance with European laws

Clients served








Dipl. Biol. JoÎlle Apter (M.Sc.)

Founder, Geneticist, iGENEA

“Proactive service, always attentive, clear and transparent communication. The final result was excellent quality translations”.


Shannon White

Director of Professional Development, Pearson

“The project was carried out without any concerns or shocks, which gave me peace of mind in the final delivery. We needed very complex and specialized educational materials translated during a short window of time, and I was so happy to receive high-quality translations with such a quick turn-around.”

Relax with WordsByHumans


Robust backup and password policy

We perform daily backups on local and cloud servers, and on HDs not connected to the Internet. We only use strong passwords and these are changed frequently


Your data is well protected

All data are covered by NDAs between all parties involved in the translation. We do not collect or sell any client information or disclose supplier information to third parties. Client names and trademarks may only be disclosed with the written authorization of the client


SSL certificate

The entire site is protected by an SSL certificate, which allows the encryption of data when transferred through our server. This helps to protect the transfer of confidential information, such as credit card details, passwords and personal and company data, etc.

Our values

Translation entails dialogue, understanding and communication in a different language: it is, above all, about being human

WordsByHumans believes that a world driven by dialog and empathy reduces cultural and linguistic barriers, brings people closer together, makes us more human, and generates prosperity

Open to diversity, new ideas and paradigms
Respect, ethics and honesty
Transparency and clarity
Fair and equal relations with partners and clients
Focus on the end solution

Our team of expert translators

All our translators and reviewers have more than 5 years of experience in translation services
All our translators and reviewers have internationally recognized diplomas and qualifications in the field of translation services
Our team of translators has experience with over 37 clients and completed projects

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Do you share the same values as WordsByHumans?

If so, email us at careers@wordsbyhumans.at and tell us a little about your experience, your areas of specialization and your qualities.

We always have opportunities for exceptional translators : )


What differentiates the quality of WordsByHumans?

We have a team of highly experienced translators who are specialists in localisation and in adapting texts to the target cultural and linguistic context. do documento final. In addition, we adhere to European quality standard EN-15038: 2006 and we use the latest technology to assist with translation work.

What is the delivery time for WordsByHumans?

The WordsByHumans team is fast and proactive, and this allows us to offer very competitive deadlines to clients. Delivery deadlines are calculated according to the complexity of the document to be translated, but will always focus on the client’s deadline requirements.

My project is confidential. Should I be concerned?

Absolutely not. We have extensive experience with major confidential projects, and we always use the latest technology and information security practices.

How much will my project cost?

Our prices for high quality translation services are extremely competitive. To define the price of your project, we will need to know a little more about it as each project is unique. Contact us and ask for a quote.

Who will be responsible for working on my project?

Don’t worry! Our team is made up of translators with extensive experience. Our Project Manager will analyze your project and choose a translator specialized in the subject field of and qualified in the requested language combination.

What type of documents can I submit for translation?

You can send us documents in the formats txt, doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx and html, in addition to all other common formats used for translation. Can’t see your document type listed above? Contact us